WE'RE DOING DECEMBER! Whether you pre-plan your December Daily or create as you go along in the Christmas month; make your own covers or decorate ready-made ones, use Project Life style with plastic sleeves and pockets or create your own pages. Maybe you havent made one before and ask 'I cant think what I'd fill a page with everyday?' We'll help with that! Whatever your style we'd love to see it! Here you will find a seasonal blog open from 1st November to 31st January each year. We hope that this will become a wonderful resource of sharing, prompts and inspiration. What is a December Daily? Its a mini-album recording your daily memories capturing the spirit of December. Bring it out with your decorations each year and remember Christmases past. Scroll down on the right side bar and you will find past December Daily albums of each Designer. Check their 'journey' link too, this will give you some great tips and scroll a little further down and you will see the albums categorised into types for easier searching :) Now - 'Let's December Daily'!

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Jane's Days 8, 9 and 10

Day 8

The first part of today's page is quite straightforward and follows the pattern I've already set.

All of the photos in my album so far have been portrait. I have been very careful to turn my camera as I knew the wallet pockets were more suited to this orientation. But I knew the time would come when a photo just had to be landscape and that happened today.

So I used a page protector with a 6" x 4" pocket at the bottom and two 3" x 4" pockets at the top. I slipped a favourite pice of patterned paper in the top left pocket and a strip of golden openwork ribbon in the right pocket. I die cut two stars and glued them back to back onto the ribbon.

Have you noticed the ribbon tied paperclip? Well that's holding an extra journal card in place behind the photo. I simply cut a 6" x 4" piece of card, stamped a row of trees across the bottom and then threaded beads to make a border above the trees.

 I wrote my extra journalling and then hand drew the lines.

 I also decorated the back using washi tape - this also covered the tape holding the bead string in place - and added even more journalling.

Day 9

A special day for me as it's my grandson's 1st birthday. The extra page from yesterday was really useful here too as it meant I could use more photos than a normal page would allow.  

The back of the ribbon works well on the top left pocket and I added a piece of patterned paper with a die cut one and letter stickers to the top right pocket.  I photoshopped two photos to fill the 6" x 4" pocket.

The rest of day 9's page follows my usual pattern.

Day 10

The only thing of note on this page is the use of the left over border from day 7's number and the addition of three golden sparkly hearts to the number card.

And here's the finished page:

How are your December Daily pages going?

Hope to see your 2015 pages!

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  1. Ooooo! Jane these pages are just delightful. I love the inclusion of the piece of gold woven ribbon in the pocket....that looks fabulous and the beading on your journalling card.......you have lots of patience.

    1. Thanks Deb. Fairly patient, but enjoy a bit of sewing too.

  2. So lovely Jane! Love the threaded beads ....it's so delicate! What a great idea! Gorgeous woven ribbon with the star... it gives another dimension! Shaping up beautifully now!

    1. Thanks Mandy. I was pleased with how the ribbon looked too.

  3. Absolutely delightful pages.....busy with your grandie's first birthday! STill loving your 'gold' colour theme!!!

    1. Thanks Lizzy. I'm enjoying the gold too.

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  5. Looking good Jane. Different ideas. Just lovely. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Christmas Queen. Glad you like it.

  6. So cute Jane :) Happy Birthday to the Grandson too :) it's fun to add those special moments into the Daily :)

    1. Thanks Tina. Think he might just be a DD regular from now on!

  7. Love those pages of your grandsons birthday. You're going like a house on fire. Oh that I were so diligent. He made his first card!! Following in Grans footsteps I see.

  8. Thanks Christmas Queen. Looking forward to loads more crafting with him as he grows.


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