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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Lizzy's Page Preparations

Hullo there! Today I'd like to share how far ahead I've gotten
on the inside of my daily.
Basically, I wanted to cover up the words on the pages.
They said 'date' and 'location'.
Fine for a TRAVEL diary....but not a December Daily!
And there were way too many pages. And they were quite thin.
Firstly I ripped out lots [kept some spare, that I can pull out
if I don't use by the end of December].
Then I used my glue stick & stuck 2 pages together for strength.
I used washi to cover the writing:
Then tossed up with just leaving the lines.
But to strengthen the pages a bit more,
& because I've a pile of odd Christmas papers,
I decided to use them up:
I've covered about 40 pages. And to be honest, haven't got much
paper left at all. GO ME using stuff up!!
From a full 12x12 double sided patterned sheet, I got 3 full pages,
plus 2 odd bits left:
At this stage, I had one of those 'DING!" moments.
Because I couldn't paste paper right to the edges of my diary,
because of the metal rings, 
I came up with the idea that I could
MIMIC the idea that the papers
I'm actually ADDING to my Daily look like they've been
RIPPED OUT from somewhere else.
Thanks to having an edge punch with that look, it worked.
Distressed the punched edges before gluing in:
I'm definitely thinking black & white photos now.
There is SO much colour and pattern in here already. EEEK!
Next thing was I needed to be able to identify each day easily.
I made some tabs!
I've only put day 1 in - as I'm not sure how many pages
I'll use for each day.
They were easy to make.
Fold a piece of paper in half:
I used a tiny banner punch.
Leave the folded bit FREE of the punch:
You can use the same technique with any punch, really.
Next, I stamped the numbers on them.
Remember, do all your '1s', then '2s' etc. all at the same time.
It makes it easier that way:)
And finished!
Here's a shot of the book once more:
Not super exciting, but ready to go!
How are YOU going?
Prep done?
Ready for December One?!!!
we'd love you to share all your process and December Daily journey with us

Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Looking very exciting Lizzy! Love how colourful and random the patterned paper is, fabulous idea to strengthen the pages and love your ripped edge look. Great tip for making double punched shapes too.

  2. Go you indeed!!! Edging on your papers looks great! AND you could aways gesso some of the pattern away too if you wanted to use colour. Oh to use up stash!!! I so need to do this!

  3. I love the edging you have done on your patterned papers.......clever idea, Lizzy. AND your little date tabs are gorgeous.

  4. Looks exciting to me!! Can't wait to see when you start adding your photos!! Love the idea of the ripped edges .. looks brill .. and, of course, using up your stash is always a great idea! This is really coming together beautifully Lizzy!! Love it!! hugs xx

  5. Wow Lizzy this is looking very festive and I love the different papers and colors! You are ready to roll... Or create!!

  6. Looks AMAZING!! I have mine all prepped and ready to go for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It's all looking ready to rock and roll tomorrow. Tomorrow!!!!! EEeeek!!!!! It will be December in half an hour!!!! The idea of doing a Dec daily freaks me out of my brain. Could not stand the pressure. Doesn't mean I can't stand on the side line and cheer for you though!!!


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