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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Julie's 2013 December Daily

After creating two December Daily albums and having issues of one kind or another with both of them, for this years album I have decided to take a different approach, and I will share with you all a little later. Lol, I haven't even shared with my fellow Let's December Daily enablers just what I have in store so it will be a surprise for them as well!

Here is the start of the covers and the few simple steps I took to create it.

A piece of  cardboard cut to 7x4 inches, then I started to tear away some parts of the smooth front to reveal the corrugated section. Once happy with look, I put some blobs of paint across the top and used a cardboard piece as a spreader and swiped the paint over the card board.

Here is my painted piece. 

Once it was dry,  turned it up the other way before randomly adding a few areas of script stamping and inking the edges.

Now it was time for embellishment.

Day 1
It's all about the Christmas tree and decorations, and getting a photo or two.
 Day 1 has two sides to it:
Here is the front.

And the back.
 I wasn't planning on doing the backs of my December Daily cards but as we started a new tradition last year taking photos each day,  thought this year's December daily would be in two parts and will explain more a little later.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
It is washing day and we got our first Christmas card so that got hung up too using a bit of twine..

Day 5

New towels  and decided to use them as my daily photo too.

Day 6
 The highlight was getting some puppy cuddles.  It's great to figure in pets
 Lol I have since located and added in my missing 'P'

Day 7
My monthly scrap day. I had heaps of fun and laughs with the girls.

Day 8

Day 9
My christmas tree has an owl theme and every year I am on the look out for new additions to my owl family. These are two of five so far this year. When I see any I will buy two, one each to represent myself and Asher. There are two single owls on my tree. One a present from a special friend years ago before I started the owl theme. He is the king of the tree and always gets put up the top. The other is a hand made felt one given to me by the same friend and she is his queen.

Day 10

Day 11.
Our Christmas card photo.
 I used the left over paper from cutting out hexagons used on the cards as a mask and the base for this card.  The others are a mix of some nice one and the usual funny faces that Missy tends to pull during photo sessions.

 The big one is the one that made it onto the cards that I have scored and used as a flap.

Day 12

Day 13
Love lace at the moment and using it to look like a curtain pelmet across the top of the card

Day 14
 Here I used some more of the hexagon pieces left over from my Christmas cards.

Day 15
 This one would be my favorite card. When trimming down the photo I purposely left the white edge and larger area at the bottom to look like a Polaroid photo.

Day 16
My past December Daily albums on display.

Day 17
A big day - Asher's birthday. This is the little tag booket that I had pre made. You can find the details of how it was put together here.

Page 1 and 2- opened up

The photos out of the pockets.

And some of the journaling on the back of each tag.

Page 3 and 4
A part of her present was a bedroom makeover so once she was at school

The photos out of the pockets.

Last page.

Day 18
 I'm loving the black and white look trend. With just a little swipe of white paint you can get that dirty blackboard look.

Day 19

The letters that I used here are some older Prima ones that I found had lost some of the stickiness and were falling off after I had taken this photo. Not wanting to glue on each individual letter, placed washi tape over the top with a see-through effect.

Day 20
Asher's birthday. The photo on the right was taken inside an inflatable snow globe.

Day 21

Tried to keep to the red, black and white, the colours of the bags- like the Target bag in the photo - I used the cap off one of my mists dipped in paint to make the circles.

Day 22.
My sister in law  and I stopped to have an iced coffee. Yum.

Day 23.

A quick and easy banner using washi tape

Day 24

With the chevron being so bold, toned it down with some paint and added in some washi tape.

Day 25.
Christmas morning snapshots

The front is actually a flap that can be lifted to reveal more photos underneath

Lifting the flap shows photos of the Christmas tree
Quite a bit of journaling to include here, so ended up typing it out to place on the back of the flap.

Now to explain what I am doing with the other side of my December Daily cards:
 'Hoot', a Christmas owl came out of hibernation with the tree - my twist on 'Elf on a Shelf'.   Asher and I had a heap of fun with him last year with both of us taking turns leaving notes for each and hiding him for the other to find in the morning. This year he's back and being very cheeky. So 'Hoot's' antics are being scrapped on the back of my December Daily cards.

Day 1 of Freedom
 He got into Asher's Lolly stash.

Day 2 of Freedom
  Hoot is going to try his best to rule the roost this Christmas.

Day 3 of freedom. 
Hoot ended up in the Christmas tree to try and take it over. His plan didn't work.

Day 4 of freedom
As Asher was still to do her Christmas wish list Hoot decided to have a little talk to Santa.

Day 5 of freedom.
Hoot decided to try and get some tips from the Buddy movies.

 Day 6 of freedom
Hoot joined me in Scrap day and was reunited with his girl friend Holler. The owl I gave my friend for Christmas last last.

Day 7 of Freedom.
Hoot and Holler having fun in two of my little chest drawers that I use as my advent drawers claiming any forgotten chocs as theirs.

Day 8 of freedom
 Asher gathered up some of my other owl ornaments and some wooden ones of hers that she had made in school to form Hoots gang. That night that had fun with a tissue paper snow ball fight on my blanket box.

Day 9 of freedom.
Hoot ended up with a cold after his snow antics.

Day 10 of freedom.
Asher woke up to find Hoot tucked up in bed with her Christmas teddies.

 Day 11 of freedom.
My friend Jane had been following Hoot's antics and brought around her very special Santa for him to meet. This was hers when she was a little girl.

Day 12 of freedom.
Asher finally got her own Christmas tree in her room and Hoot decided to roost in it for the night.

Day 13 of freedom.
Under orders from the Misses Hoot's mo had to go. It tickled.

Day 14 of freedom.
Hoot decided to look back over his antics last year.

Day 15 of freedom.
Hoot with one of Asher's birthday presents.

I have definitely not stuck to my original plan of using the newer papers and embellies. What I have used here is an older Graphic 45 Christmas tag. I have only used the staple on the corner so that the photo can be lifted up to reveal journaling.

Day 16 of freedom.
I forgot to set up Hoot's antics the night before so Asher sent me to my room the next morning and placed him with our Christmas angels.

Day 17 of freedom
It was time to hang up their stockings- mini ones that I borrowed.

Day 18 of freedom
Hoot tucked up in a Christmas hat reading a Christmas book to some of Asher's Christmas bears.
In a pack of embellishments, there were several bow ties and I wasn't too sure if I would use them, but trimmed, they made a perfect banner.

Day 19 and 20 of freedom

Day 21 of freedom
Hoot taking time out to crush some candy.

Day 22 of freedom
I had started sorting out some stuff that I needed to take with me on our
Christmas day rounds and found Hoot and Holler in there one morning.

Day 23 of freedom
Hoot and Holler had babies

Day 24 of freedom
Hoot and holler head down in the basket of presents checking to see if Santa had left them one.

When packing up the Christmas decorations I kept Asher's wish list and a letter to Santa that she had written  on Christmas Eve and thought that they would be a great way to end up this year's December Daily but wasn't too sure just how to add them. That problem was solved with two paper bags.

Cut and fold.
 I have saved the cut of ends of the bags to make more of these for use later on.

Decorate fronts.
 Some inked panels panels of an old MME Christmas range worked a treat.

Add ties.
I ended up pulling two threads from a piece of hessian as my twine was too chunky for the look I wanted.

Add tape.
To keep the ties in place when untied.

Add lettering.

I just love how these have turned out.

Now that I have finished scrapping for this years December Daily,  I bet you are all wondering just how it will go all together as there are no holes in sight to use rings or ribbons on.

Here is the pile of cards.

Cards not pages you say?  
That's because this year my December Daily is not an album this year.
The reason for all those little numbered tabs at the top of  all my cards is because I decided to make this year's December Daily a card box instead.

Here is what the cards are going to be housed in

Pretty plain looking - but soon solved that issue and started to wrap up my card box.
Every present needs a bow. . .
So that is where I started. A twine bow to help keep my card box closed.

Making it look pretty, started by adding in some ribbon. 

So that I could see just where the ribbon needed to go and the title card could be seen under it, I kept it in place with clip, then some more twine.

Finally  added in some trim.

What is a present without a tag?

And seeing I had to cover up the back of my card box where all the trims met, that was just the place for this present's tag.
 I cut a scrap of kraft to fit. Punched out a heart then finished it of with some doodling and a few word stickers before adding it to my present.

Adding some flowers.
 Flowers are my favorite embellie and using them in last year's album turned it somewhat into the pregnant brick. This year I resisted the urge to use flowers on my cards. I managed to use just one and thought that having a flower spray on the front would finish it nicely. My present already had a bow, so used some washi tape to attach my flower.

Here is the finshed card box with the cards inside.

 Those paper bag envelopes at the back hid the last of Hoot and Holler scrapped antics.


That's my December Daily all wrapped up for another year. I think after doing three this one is my favorite so far.

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  1. This is a fabulous colour scheme... I'd never have thought it! So looking forward to seeing what you have in store????!!!

  2. I, too, love the colours you have here, Julie ...... just gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you are going to do for your Dec Daily.

  3. Love your Hoot Antics idea for the backs...& your cover looks sensational...geeze, these dailies are a HECK of a lotta work....truly impressed:):)


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