WE'RE DOING DECEMBER! Whether you pre-plan your December Daily or create as you go along in the Christmas month; make your own covers or decorate ready-made ones, use Project Life style with plastic sleeves and pockets or create your own pages. Maybe you havent made one before and ask 'I cant think what I'd fill a page with everyday?' We'll help with that! Whatever your style we'd love to see it! Here you will find a seasonal blog open from 1st November to 31st January each year. We hope that this will become a wonderful resource of sharing, prompts and inspiration. What is a December Daily? Its a mini-album recording your daily memories capturing the spirit of December. Bring it out with your decorations each year and remember Christmases past. Scroll down on the right side bar and you will find past December Daily albums of each Designer. Check their 'journey' link too, this will give you some great tips and scroll a little further down and you will see the albums categorised into types for easier searching :) Now - 'Let's December Daily'!

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Julie's December Daily Journey

Thanks to Mandy I have been inspired to create a December Daily album for the past two years.

Here is my finished 2011 one.
My first and only pre planned one.
 All the pages were already semi-scrapped and waiting on the photos, but once I had my photos printed out, I really struggled with getting the pages done. It was really tricky trying to work around the pre-made pages.

Here is my favorite page from my 2011 album.
 These photos were taken on Asher's birthday

Here is my 2012 one. The 'before photo

You can tell by the next one why I jokingly christened it the "Pregnant Brick" and that I needed to modify the spine just a tad.

And my favorite page.
 A set of new mugs come out on the 1st with my Christmas decorations.
An example that photos can be anything you'd like for your December pages aside from people and events.

Things I have learnt on my December Daily Journey:
-No  pre-planning for me
-Avoid lumpy bumpy pages.
-Make sure that I have ink and photo paper in plenty to print as I go along (there's a story there!)

What I learned for 2013

Here is the finshed card box with the cards inside.

 Those paper bag envelopes at the back hid the last of Hoot and Holler scrapped antics.


This is my third December Daily and  my favorite so far.

Being able to contain my lumpy and bumpiness in the box has made the end result look more finished off than my pregnant brick from last year.
- I totally am not good at sticking to a colour theme. 
- Although I enjoyed scrapping all of 'Hoot's(the Christmas owl) adventures and antics as well, it did take up more time to scrap two things for each day.  So next year I am going to rethink how I record what Hoot gets up to.

That's my December Daily all wrapped up for another year. 


Here is my finished chunky "It's a tweet Christmas" album.

After doing my 4th December Daily, I have come to the conclusion that what ever way I decide to do my albums, they are going to be on the chunky side - it's just the way that I scrap. 

I am surprised that I managed to stick to my colour scheme all the way through my album except for two occasions where I created a blue and white page as well as added in a yellow title.  I just love how using the mixed size inserts, there's a sneak peek of what was to come, see-through panels and peeks from all sides of the main layout when flicking through.
Once again I had an issue with running out of ink and photo paper and needed to go out and top up on both in the middle of creating. 
As for any thoughts of what I will do for my 2015 album, well I think I may try and do a paper bag album. When cleaning out of my scrap area I came across old circle journals that were created years ago made from paper bags, so maybe..... I might give that a try. 
Anything that will contain my chunky scrapping is the way to go!



  1. It's great to revisit your DD's!!! Especially love the mug page!!

  2. I love this journey you're describing and the great tips you're sharing. Must check I've got plenty of paper and ink! I tend towards the lumpy bumpy too, but trying to keep it under control this year.


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