WE'RE DOING DECEMBER! Whether you pre-plan your December Daily or create as you go along in the Christmas month; make your own covers or decorate ready-made ones, use Project Life style with plastic sleeves and pockets or create your own pages. Maybe you havent made one before and ask 'I cant think what I'd fill a page with everyday?' We'll help with that! Whatever your style we'd love to see it! Here you will find a seasonal blog open from 1st November to 31st January each year. We hope that this will become a wonderful resource of sharing, prompts and inspiration. What is a December Daily? Its a mini-album recording your daily memories capturing the spirit of December. Bring it out with your decorations each year and remember Christmases past. Scroll down on the right side bar and you will find past December Daily albums of each Designer. Check their 'journey' link too, this will give you some great tips and scroll a little further down and you will see the albums categorised into types for easier searching :) Now - 'Let's December Daily'!

Friday 15 November 2013

Bec's Project Life December Daily......

For my past four December Daily Albums,  I've created a mini album type and made my own covers.
This year, because I am doing it Project Life style, I've bought a 6x8 ring binder album from Studio Calico which already has some plastic pockets already inside. 
This is what the album looks like before I "attacked" it. 

I couldn't wait to rip the plastic off and play.
The first thing I did was give it a wash of white paint to bring out the embossed stars.

 I wiped on some Rub 'n' Buff in Antique Gold in some areas to have some gold highlights.

 Blended it a little with some more white paint.

 And then some flicked red and green mist, a gold doily and lots of layering, gold stars, red sequins, red & white striped ribbon, the title using the colours I will be continuing throughout my album this year and a gold M for our surname. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration to work on your December Daily album cover.

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                                                                  Day One.................

My very first page is a page of little pockets or shaker pockets. Just little bits of anything that will fit inside the pockets. It was a full 6x8 pocket that I stitched straight down the middle and added 3 different colours sequins to and the word life stitched onto the other side. I then sewed across the middle sealing off the bottom pockets and added some more sequins and a gold star button to one side and a flat wooden holly piece to the other.

This is a page I made for the album as I didn't want to just have the pockets but incorporate my full pages that I normally do in all my past Dec Daily albums.
 This pocket is for the letters to Santa to sit in.

 And this is when our Elf, Tinsel, arrived back from the North Pole bringing a book about Santa Coming To Australia. Tana also took a photo of her pink bear chatting with Tinsel. If you want to read about Elf On The Shelf you can read it here. 

Trimming the tree!!! Oh what fun it was and unfortunately may be my last with my non compliant 13 year old and posing for photos.
And I just realised they are wearing the perfect matching colours!!! Honestly I did not plan that. Thats just what they were wearing!!! Lucky!

 More tree trimming and a little note about how my 13 year old didn't really want to decorate the tree but helped in the end. Just secretly.........I think he did it for Tana and I. Love him to bits. 

 Tana had drawn a picture of Tinsel and how could I not include that. Too cute. 

All excited about Christmas and losing her first tooth. She really gets into the spirit. 

How did your first day go?
Have you finished your page?


Day 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6..........

2nd Dec......................
I didn't have many photos for this day so I wrote down a list of our favourite Christmas movies.

3rd Dec......
My daily numbers are in the circles which I cut out on a friends Cricut machine. I also had to put in another drawing that Tana drew of her and Tinsel going for a walk. 

My parents went away and I had to feed their dogs and this one was so sad that they weren't home.
The bottom of the page is also another cut but from a Silhouette Cameo. Oh how easy my life is now. 

4th Dec....
Tinsel is giving Santa a hug and the bottom is the back of the previous page's cut out. 

5th Dec....
Another Elf on the Shelf pic. And the hail and storms we had on the day and it's supposed to be summer.
The bottom pic is of Tinsel suffocating in my craft glitter. Reason being, last year Tana touched Tinsel and she lost her magic. We had to write a letter to Santa asking for some special magical recovery dust to give her, her magic back. We received a letter back with some glitter to sprinkle on Tinsel. 
So Tana thought that my craft glitter would do the trick.
It is still EVERYWHERE through the house!!!!

Another Tinsel shot when we found her in the fridge. Some filler cards I pre made and a photo of Nelson Mandela recording his death. 

My little pirate made some cupcakes today. Here I used the Rhonna Designs app on my phone to add the text to the photos. 


Days 7, 8 & 9................................

It was busy on the 8th and quiet on the 9th, so I popped in a photo of Tinsel, our elf on the 9th as we didn't do anything other than work.
You could pop in things like your favourite Christmas movies, Christmas books, Christmas songs, Christmas' past, Christmas memories on days when there isnt a photo to scrap.....

Day 8 was a trip to the city to see the Myer Windows, the Starbuck's Christmas Tree and the lights on the Town Hall.
On the left is days 7 & 8 as Day 7 was a quiet day but Day 8 was huge. 
I used a page that I had made to put multiple photos on and used a manila tag, hinged to the page with tape as a journal tag that I could write on both sides. 

This is still Day 8 and the other side of the handmade page and another manila tag for journalling. 

And this is Day 9, back to using the pockets and another photo of Tinsel.
The bottom pocket is a word cut out of the Cameo.
I only have my absolute favourite photos and photos that tell the story, in my December Daily. I include almost all the photos I take in my everyday Project Life album. Thats what suited me the best. Do what suits you and what makes you happy.


Days 10, 11 & 12...............

Hello again!!! Here are my days 10, 11 & 12. 

On the left is Day 10 and the start of Day 11 on the right. Day 11 was a big day with my daughters Kinder Graduation and play so it had lots of photos.
Not all of them will make it into my December Daily album, but I just picked my favourites. All the rest will be included in my Project Life 2013 album.
So don't stress if you have heaps of photos of a particular day. Pick your favourites as a highlight to the day.

Again, more of Day 11.
I didn't want to add much embellishments to the photos as the papers were quite busy and I didn't want to distract from the photos. So these are quite plain and simple. 

I wanted to keep my daughters play and Graduation ceremony a little separate, even though they were at the same time, I made a page and made it only half size to include 2 more photos from the play on one side.

Then when you turn it over, its the start of the photos from the Graduation ceremony. 

 Then the full size page of her Graduation photos with a manila tag, hinged again for journalling.

More Graduation photos and another shaker pockets page on the right.

Day 12 and here is the annual Santa photo and while I didn't put in the original as it was too big for the page I wanted it for, I took a photo of a section of it, stuck it on patterned paper, embellished it and slipped it in the pocket.

More of Day 12. I didn't want to put too much on the larger pocket page and just focus on the gorgeous present I bought myself. I told myself it's perfect for the Christmas table.
To the right I only had 2 photos I wanted to use, so filled the other 2 pockets with filler cards.


Days 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18..................

Ooooooo! I'm all giddy with excitement!! Christmas is in 3 sleeps!!! Woohoo!!!
I am like a child at Christmas. I LOVE Christmas and the family unity it brings.

These pages are pretty empty in regards to photos but I've quite happily replaced the non existent photos with filler cards to show the Christmas spirit. On the right I have included a card, listing my favourite Christmas Songs. The songs that really make it feel like Christmas when I hear them. 
On the left, 13th & 14th, the antics of our Elf, Tinsel, over 2 days as I had no photos of anything we had done.
On the right side, 15th & 16th, a photo of some new shoes for my son, a gift of chocolate I received and some scrappy orders that arrived!!!
Not everything is Christmas related, but our life in December and the daily things that we do in the Christmas Season. 

 On the left is the 17th and you can see that I haven't done the card yet. 

It is going to be a scan code linking to a video of my daughter watching a message to her from Santa.
You basically upload your video to YouTube (you can set it to private so no one can see it, generate a code pattern for that video, print it out and place in your album. So when you scan the code that you printed out, the video will play. You can purchase the free QR Code app for IPhone and scan the printed image using that.

Here is where you can find out more about scan codes. https://scan.me/how-it-works 
Once I have done it, I will post a photo to show you how it goes. 

On the 18th is a cute little tissue box I found at the shops and bought it home for my daughter. It's adorable.
On the left, I even documented the sadness during this time. I finished up at my job of 7 years and am very sad about it. 

On the right is still the 18th and my very cute little elf!
I placed it in a full 5x7 pocket to keep it in main focus.

I hope you are all as excited as me with Christmas not far away!!! Or maybe I just haven't grown up!! ;)


  1. this is stunning bec! I've GOT some of that gold tube stuff and never THINK to use it!!! Kinda makes me want to go PL style for my Dec Daily! Maybe next year lol!

  2. Ooooooooo! Bec this is totally fabulous. I love the colours you are going with. Can't wait to see your PL Dec Daily progress.


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