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Monday, 13 January 2014

Julie's Days 19-25

Wahoo, I have finally finished scrapping for my December Daily this year. All I need to do is some minor finishing touches and I am all wrapped up.

Day 19

The letters that I used here are some older Prima ones that I found had lost some of the stickiness and were falling off after I had taken this photo. Not wanting to glue on each individual letter, placed washi tape over the top with a see-through effect.

Day 20
  The photo on the right was taken inside an inflatable snow globe.

Day 21
The last of my Christmas shopping.
Tried to keep to the red, black and white, the colours of the bags- like the Target bag in the photo - I used the cap off one of my mists dipped in paint to make the circles.

Day 22.

Day 23.

A quick and easy banner using washi tape

Day 24

With the chevron being so bold, toned it down with some paint and added in some washi tape.

Day 25.
Christmas morning snapshots after breakfast.
The front is actually a flap that can be lifted to reveal more photos underneath

Lifting the flap shows photos of the Christmas tree, Asher and her presents.
Quite a bit of journaling to include here, so ended up typing it out to place on the back of the flap.

Hoots Adventures

Day 17 of freedom
It was time to hang up their stockings- mini ones that I borrowed.

Day 18 of freedom
Hoot tucked up in a Christmas hat reading a Christmas book to some of Asher's Christmas bears.
In a pack of embellishments, there were several bow ties and I wasn't too sure if I would use them, but trimmed, they made a perfect banner.

Day 19 and 20 of freedom

Day 21 of freedom
Hoot taking time out to crush some candy.

Day 22 of freedom
I had started sorting out some stuff that I needed to take with me on our
Christmas day rounds and found Hoot and Holler in there one morning.

Day 23 of freedom
Hoot and Holler had babies

Day 24 of freedom
Hoot and holler head down in the basket of presents checking to see if Santa had left them one.


  1. These are great, Julie. I love your little washi banner and also the one made from the bowties.....very cute. Looks like Hoot's been having a great time too.

  2. Well done Julie, this looks wonderful.. such a lot of happy memories there.. love the washi banner!

  3. Love the use of all the washi on each page... it does add a great touch

  4. Love your fussy cutting and your washi tape bunting!!! All that washi tape is gorgeous too!


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