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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Mandy's Days 19 - 22

 photo 5771ac68-11d3-4a7a-9dea-6a8da6e02d44.jpg 

Oh my how close Christmas is now!

Day 19
Another transparency page! Got to love them!
It's always good to remember to get your pets too into your December Daily
Yes... this one is a pet, though its great to get your local wildlife too!

 Here the page is closed and you can see through to the underneath page

 I had this great transparency from a while back from my 'Messy Box' by 'A Beautiful Mess' subscription, so it got cut down and had the black denim fabric spine sewn to it

and added a little gold pocket full of sequins and stars just for interest.

I cut the top off where the ties are and sewed it across the top of the page where the seam is on the black denim, the little bag can be flipped up,.

Day 20
The underside of the transparency..... and you can see through to the page where the 'grinch' hands are! LOL    Because this was an early Christmas family gathering, there were a lot of photos I wanted to include, so behind the double photo is a pocket where little stars are poking out.  These little stars are attached to more photos.  The photo of 'Chirp' on the other side of the transparency is the same size as the the mounted double photos on this side - so all is concealed well.

As you can see.... it holds lots of photos of cousins, grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles!

Day 21 
Both my girls sung in the choir for Carols by Candlelight, and taking a long range lense made all the difference to be able to get those close up photos.  Otherwise, that last photo down the bottom would have been the best I could get!
My lense isnt the best in the world, but at least I got what I needed for my page!

Day 22
OMGosh... I had the best time  with this page!  Probably unlike a lot you who are really great at stamping and embossing - I'm a complete beginner.. but I got into this and the result...weeeeell I dont think I can put down that Stampendous Embossing Enamel! 
 Look at these trees!! (the blue and white ones)  The red one is another brand....still quite good and I toned it down by adding some white gel pen, but not quite like Stampendous!  All just perfect for my little handmade figures!

I've only got three colours of this Stampendous range... but I'll be adding MORE!
Look at those specks of gold and silver through the blue tree!!  What a joyous surprise this was! I couldnt believe my eyes as the heat gun moved over it (you probably already knew this - but still - I was gasping!)

I've kept these photos quite big so you can really see the effect!

And the white...

Okay... my new obsession!

I hope your December Daily's are well on their way! 
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  1. Gorgeous! LOVING all the gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mandy, these pages are just delightful. Every little detail is gorgeous. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your day 22 - how cool are those little trees.

  3. Well I've done loads of heat embossing and I still can't quite believe it as I watch its magic happen. Fabulous pages Mandy and here's to your new obsession!

  4. Absolutely smashing! Love every bit, especially the embossing. Which is TOTALLY fun!!!


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