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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mandy's Pages 8-10

 photo 5771ac68-11d3-4a7a-9dea-6a8da6e02d44.jpg 

Day 8
First off..... I have to apologise for the quality of these photos... but oh my!!  Trying to photograph transparencies on a bright day - weeeeeell, I cant even begin to count how many photos I've taken! These are the best of a bad lot!   All I can say, is the use of transparencies (seeing in real life) is fantastic and adds a  wonderful dimension to your album!  Just very hard taking photos of it!

These are Basic Grey 'Take Note' overlays.... love them!
And running a 'bauble' trim along an edge of a page works a treat too!

Day 9
 This is a full page transparency (old Hambly Print Screen) so the photo and matting is front and back of the transparency, the black number and journal block is front and back - so is the die cut negative frame, the word strips and the stars - all front and back.  The only thing that isnt are the wreaths which can be seen through on the next page.  
(Ha you can also see the start of a new page beyond that!)

Day 10
Here you can see the front and back matching up.
I really love the peek-a-boo effect that happens with acetate... I love that Paige can be seen waving through a few pages - so despite the struggles with photographing... it has its charm!  
 Another thing that can finish off a page especially too if you are using glitter paper - is to use Dimensional Magic.  It smooths the coarseness (and the loss of glitter bits) and creates a 'polish'. It looks great on the word strips and below I've popped it on the flat chipboard stars too. 

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  1. Ooooo! I do love your transparencies. Looks super cute with Paige waving through in the background. Wonderful pages, Mandy.

  2. Love that wreath & your transparencies work so beautifully....good ole dimensional magic....MUST get mine back out & working!!!

  3. These look wonderful! Love the Pom Pom ribbon!

  4. The transparencies look fabulous and I love your pom-pom trim. And the photos look good to me. I'm having a similar problem with my photos because of my album pockets, but at least I don't have bright sunshine to contend with!

  5. Sooooooo gorgeous! LOVING the pompoms and the lace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh I can understand how hard these must be to photograph! Really fabulous project!

  7. Oh I can understand how hard these must be to photograph! Really fabulous project!

  8. Fabulous pages, loving the transparencies too :) The pompom trim is a fun element and witll have to look into the dimensional magic too for the glitter :)


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