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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mandy's Day 25 (Part 1)


Christmas is nearly always a big day for December Daily-ers!
Ours is no exception, and we have such a divided day between Christmas morning at our house, lunch at the in-laws, then a four hour drive to my parents for dinner in the evening
It sounds like a lot, but we love every minute of it, so when scrapping the day, it falls into parts, therefore into sets of pages:

Today, is part one,  Christmas morning at our house...

First of all I had to fix this big gutter between the pages. I'm afraid the amount of 'chunkiness' on this old book is taking a toll!  As the next few pages were going to be mainly black framed  transparencies, I've used some black tape to run down the middle to do the trick perfectly.

1st page
(Photographing the transparencies on the completed pages trying to minimise the reflection they cause has been very tricky and frustrating - so I apologise in advance)

You can also see the fixed guttering securing the book a bit more...

(Even the transparencies reflected off each other!
 I'm certainly not a proficient enough photographer to conquer this problem!)
Nevermind... anyway: the transparency frames were a little more complex than what you see here...
1st and 2nd pages

There actually is a middle page in between the Christmas Eve on the left, and the picture (somewhat obsured) of my three girls on the right.  A rectangular piece was cut from the middle of this page and used a transparency frame to cover the space (old Hambly overlay)
I'm not sure if you can see this well, but the photo of the girls is actually on the 4th page (if you count backs and fronts) , and above it is another smaller transparency frame, so behind that on the sixth page, is a photo of decorations hung on the fireplace...  seen right through from the 1st and 2nd pages.

Pages 3 & 4
Here's the reverse side of the retangular transparency page, the photo of the girls on the 4th page and the photo of the mantel decorations seen through on the 6th page behind.

Maybe this photo is a bit clearer to make out the see-through pages?

Pages 5 and 6
 And ho ho ho, on the left hand page (page 5) - the girls are looking down at their presents with the bottom part of the Christmas tree in the background, yet if you look up to the next frame (which is the photo of the tree on page 1 ) - there is the top of the Christmas tree- like it was photographed in full!  Would love to say I was that clever at planning that - but (sigh) it was a happy accident!!
Dont you love it when that happens!!

Phew.. that was a hard one to photograph and explain,  I hope it made sense.
It looks a treat in real life and I truly love the use of see through and peek-a-boo pages.

Part 2 will be along soon :)

Keep sharing your December Daily pages with us, they are awesome!
Your work will also become a resource throughout the year too!
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  1. WOW! you are sooooo clever using the transparencies. This is fabulous, Mandy. Can't wait for Part 2.

  2. Sooooooooo gorgeous! LOVING how you used the transparencies!!!!

  3. Lovely and I love the transparencies :)

  4. The transparencies look amazing - must be even more so in real life! love your creativity Mandy.


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