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Monday, 5 January 2015

Mandy's Day 25 Part 2 & Part 3


Day 25
Part 2 moves to another couple of double pages, firstly for lunch with my husband's lovely family and then our long drive to Part 3 of the day - dinner with my family....
I found a box of old rubons (rubons are not usually my friend!!) and gave it a go (with the thought that there is GESSO if they didnt work!!!)  But they did and looked a treat! 
The bottom right hand photo doubles as a pocket for more pics with twine tied to them for ease of pulling them out.

Normally I wouldnt take pics of the drive down (right hand side) but it hailed! Yep, hailed!  So used some little white sequins to represent it.

Day 25
Part 3
On the left hand side is a canvas flap, with some photos underneath, and the right hand side is a cut down fancy pants transparency page (need to look closely to see it) attached by red canvas tape.

More festivities under the flap

 Attach the transparency by two pieces of tape, one each side of the transparency

Now that the transparency is fixed, I want to lift up these little baubles a bit and trace them with pencil *exactly* to their shape underneath to use as journaling blocks....

 I kept measuring where to trace by using particular placement of the letters underneath compared to the shape on top... you can see the words 'Christmas Present' is where the bottom of the bauble is for example, and by the end... it worked!

The transparency page now flipped over to the left

Day 25 done!

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  1. Love your journal baubles and your explanation of how you got them to line up - such dedication!

  2. Clever clogs with the gesso balls journal backing....if that makes sense! And how DARE it hail on Chrissy day - I mean, that's like saying it SNOWED in Aussie!!! Bizzaro land. It could only happen down south of us [I think I just, finally, after 20 years ID'd myself with NSW instead of VICCY....eek, bit scary!!].....anyways......as always, totally stunning. I did a 2014 mini for Lucas instead of a Christmas one..... & it was a stick & paste job. Not like you lots MARVELLOUS & AMAZING creations:):)

  3. So many wonderful Christmas memories captured here and sooooooo beautifully done. I love the gesso-ed Christmas baubles........very clever.

  4. Looks gorgeous! LOVING the photos and the holly!!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous Missy. Love them all.

  6. These pages look amazing, and how good do they look on your book pages.. well done.. really lovely memories!


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