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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Mandy's Day 25 -28th

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Day 25
Christmas day is a very big one for us,
visiting family and friends part of long held traditions for this day.
Our day is always divided up into three sections, therefore three pages in my December Daily.
The first page - is at home...

There were four photos (two on top and two underneath) I wanted to include, and mounted them on some of the black denium I've used for the binding of each page.
   Tore a piece of 7dots paper to use as part of the background too

but to also sew the black denim mounted photos to it before sticking down.

I tried to sew around my photo to the denim, but I cant ever seem to keep the photo in place without it sewing screw-ifffff no matter how much I stick it down underneath to hold it in place!  I unpicked the stitches and gave up!  Lucky it was the photo hidden!  A stitch here and there works better!

Attached some little apoxy tags to some olive green twine (I cant tell you how old these are! Sometimes our scrapping products come around in fashion over and over!)

Day 25
(2nd Page - Lunch)
I managed to take lots of photos this year and started to really feel that with aging grandparents and adult children becoming independent, every Christmas spent together is more and more precious. So trying to capture their essence of Christmas is so increasingly important.
An envelope is a great way to pop in all those extra photos.

 Used a left over envelope from Christmas, but with some of the 7dots Yuletide scrap paper glued to the inside so when the flap was lifted it didnt look the 'stark' white it was against the rest of the rustic page.

Works a treat!

Oh and dont faint (for people who know me) I've used rub-ons!  And for once they didnt go haywire!
I usually avoid them like the plague because we simply do not get on!  
Must have had the Christmas fairies looking after me! 
Rub-ons do give another wonderful dimension for this I agree!

Day 25
(3rd Page - Tea)
Again there were quite a few photos to be included.  Its not for everyone, but I really love it so created three waterfall-effect rows.
The 7dots paper is quite heavy weight and handles the amount very well.

The photos are attached by washi tape back and front.
 (I did put on a little extra glue to keep the washi from coming off later on)
I've printed the photos to a specific size on my printer leaving a white border.

The transparent Christmas tree is Fancy Pants (I think), and to dress it up, I've stuck jewels on some of the dots with a '25' brad at the top.

 Day 26
The added pompom trim really dresses up the album...

Day 27/28
I usually finish up on Boxing Day, but we had two more days of being away visiting two sets of really close lifetime friends that I've included them too.
 I envisaged doing some sort of door like page - that opened into their lives that we share...
with a date on one side of the door and their family name (obsured-sorry) on the other... 

Doors open and an array of sized photos can be used. 

And some little red brads for door handles :)

This is where my December Daily ends.. 
There is a little note in white in the bottom right corner that simply says
'29th Jan - Home'

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  1. Oh Wow! You have managed to include sooooo many precious photos and so beautifully done. Beautiful pages, Mandy. I love your little doors.

  2. Oh, man! I LOOOOVED the waterfall idea best....til I saw the opening doors. Just so creative and the denim is looking so, soooo good!!!

  3. These pages look wonderful! Love the layering and love the Pom Pom ribbon too! I am sure this will be great to look back on! Well done!

  4. These look amazing! LOVING how you layered the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amazing! Stunning! Wow! Mandy you have such an enormous talent and your pages are awesome!


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