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Friday, 8 January 2016

Let's December Daily 2015 Design Team's Albums Completed and Afterthoughts

Weeeeell, all said and done for another year of December 'Daily-ing' for

Our Design Team shares thoughts.... 
what have been.........
 wise words, 
 not so wise words..... 
what will, won't, maybe,  do again, go back on word......
 and might have planned.... 
for 2016

  photo 5771ac68-11d3-4a7a-9dea-6a8da6e02d44.jpg

What a process this 2015 album was! 
It's so different from my 2014 album (altered vintage book)
This one was made from scratch and I loved all its possibilities!
Mainly made from 7dots Yuletide collection...it also has quite a few old Hambly transparency pages too.  The size of 12"x6" was perfect for the kind of scrapper I am - I like to include a lot and am so happy with the space to fill!  Spreading outwards, kinda stopped it from spreading upwards (chunky)!

 Sewn are 14 pages with spines of black denim plus the covers...
Large eyelets and bendy large screw bands to hold it together. (metal jump rings just didnt work well)

 What I cant believe is even with the thickness of the spines and large eyelets, it actually
remained fairly flat - but I didnt really 'scrap flat' so somehow the constraints took it on board
and afforded enough room thickness-wise, even with pompom trim and all!

 What I did miss was the inclusion of  'lists' of everyday smaller detail of things.
Last year I worked with a separate smaller vintage book -  December 30 Day's of List's
and thought that this year instead of working it separately, I'd include it somehow...
I forgot....
until Deb had included a list in her December Daily
 so smacking my foreheard with the palm of my hand
realised it was too late - I'd gone too far to include it throughout!  
Oh well (shrug) next time!
One thing I did do now its finished was went through with the Dimensional Magic and put a lacquer of it on anything that was a cardstock label, glitter (whether it be stars, numbers or outlines etc) and anything that needed a subtle standout of some kind.....
Yes, even Dimensional Magic-ed my deer on the front cover!

What's next for 2016?  Not 100% sure, but I do have a few ideas swirling in my head...
like.... maybe a black paper bag album - I could include my 'lists' well into this and even more use of transparencies!  I want to do more stamping and embossing with enamels too!
   We'll see, who knows what products/techniques might turn up yet
 throughout the year that might be worthy of December Daily-ing!!  :)
 Whatever it is, there's never a definite goal (other then finishing), just a heap of ideas that take twists and turns throughout the process and all I can do is cross my fingers that it might turn out!

My finished December Daily for 2015.   I've added some ribbons to the rings and a black elastic band around the side because.......

as always my December Daily has ended up chunky AGAIN.

I purposely pulled the spiral binding away from this Heidi Swapp album hoping it would give me more room/flexibility with rings.  Flexibility, yes - I was able to  remove and use the beautiful shaped/patterned pages how and where I wanted and completely change the album to make it my own.  I'm happy with that.

I must say though, after having a complete change in 2014 with my "art journal" December Daily,  I thought I would be ready again this year to get back into more of the "usual" type of December Daily that I was used to doing.  Not too sure I enjoyed the process as much as 2014's big change.   2016 needs to be different again for me I think..........something that I haven't done before.   Maybe vintage - upcycling - a different format.   Right now I don't know EXACTLY what I want to do, but I have all sorts of thoughts going through my head as to what I can do to make this year's (yes this year's -2016) a little different again.

Here's my finished 2015 December Daily. I found that I didn't need to go back and do anything more as I created most of what I wanted on the days as I went along.

Although it has ended up fanning out a bit chunky even though I scrapped pretty flat it's not too bad, so I decided to leave the spiral on. Otherwise, I was thinking of lacing it with ribbon.
  I really loved the bits poking out of the side of the book, the tags and ribbons. I think I would like to do more of that next December Daily.

This format of December Daily I found great although wish to have done more with mixed media, but I found mixed media very time consuming and as it got closer to Christmas,
I was becoming very time poor.
I would definitely like to do this format again in the future. Scrapping flat was appealing, so maybe a flat book again or maybe back to my Project Life style with more
homemade pages and shaped pages.
I will also make sure that I get someone else to take some photos of me at Christmas time opening presents, baking, cooking, creating etc. and not just the posed photos with family members. (oh and to try and include photos of my camera shy 15yo son.)

YAY! I finished my 2015 album and kept it updated each day through December and stayed calm - well relatively - with sharing the process here at LDD.

I added a gold elastic tie round the album to keep it tidy - it's a bit bulky and I did begin to wonder if everything was going to fit.  And I made a little charm to hang from it.

A close up of the charm.

The last pocket in my album contains a collage of photos which didn't make it onto the main pages as the quality was not the best. I often use this method to include those wobbly, but favourite photos, the small format seems to disguise the imperfections.

And my final page is a simple goodbye to 2015.

 Here's my completed weather chart which is tucked safely behind the goodbye 2015 page.

I really love my golden album and the PL format was so easy to keep on track and not get overwhelmed and fall behind during busy times. I also loved that so much of the pocket contents could be made in advance or during quieter times.

Looking back over all my December Dailies I realise that, although all very different, they have one thing in common - every page is the same shape and most the same size. So maybe 2016 will be the year to break out of this format and go for something a bit more random. And I've also got my eye on some papers with a blue & brown colour scheme.


 So with all these great last words from the LDD girls......
Thanks so much for coming along on our 2015 journey for the third year with us here at
 'Let's December Daily'.

We four, all had a very different outlook, purpose and end result.
Its been both a pleasure and a joy.
The blog is now going to 'sleep' until the beginning of November this year when it will 'wake up' again for our 2016 December Daily journeys!
In the meantime:
 Dont forget to become a follower and put us in your bloglists so you know when we will be back up and running .....November will return sooner than we think!
It seems to be in a 'blink of an eye' these days!
We are sure this site will be used as a wonderful resource all year..... especially towards the end of the year along with your contributions in Mr Linky (only open for your submissions till the end of January 2016) for everyone who visits to see, and visit your blog too....

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  1. Thanks girls...I've really enjoyed following your processes & the different ways y'all scrap:)!!!

  2. Wonderful ladies on each album so unique :) I love the difference between all of you and the way you scrap. I got my pictures this week and looking forward to finishing mine up next week (It's scheduled with nothing to interfere other than work and an organization challenge)Will link up next week or the week after (whenever I have time to blog about it :) Have a fantastic year and I'll be checking out what your up too :) Next year I would love to plan ahead a bit and have fun putting it together in December.


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