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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lizzy's Days 14-18

Now I might've made a bit of a boo-boo for days 14 & 15....
can you see what I've done?
It was way too late by the time I realised.
So, it was either go with the flow. Or obsess.
I prefer the easy way out!
So these should be black & white photos.
But they're not.

For day 15, I decided to do lots of my journaling ON my photo;
then added a few strips.
My December Daily has become a reflection on the year
to come as well as current events, it would seem!
And that's OK:)

Day 16 was a doozy.
The journaling on the INSIDE of this half-flip
say it all.
As do the photos!
Here's the flip in relation to the whole page
when open. Thank goodness I didn't
jam my toe! Need it for my photos!!!
Once again I've used a collage, & a black Copic marker
to delineate the photos. Colour on the finger
photos help divide the day I had too:)
Here is the page with the flap closed:
Just in case peeps are a bit squeamish, they don't HAVE
to be confronted with my squished finger!

Day 17 was a thankful day. So was 18.
Needed to rest after hurting myself!
Once more I used the THANKFUL LIST
from ELISE.
I took a couple of photos of how BLUE features in my life!
These are the Thickers I previously glittered up.
I used the little 'full stops' from the pack as decorations around the page.
And can you see I snuck some ric rac in?
Couldn't resist after seeing the other girls' use it on their DDs!
Outlining the alphas is an easy way of making your title pop:

Day 18 is also a 'thankful' day.
My finger is not infected, but it is quite sore!
Lucky we had a quiet weekend planned:)
'LUXURY' has taken on a whole new meaning!
Notice I've finished the tabs up top, so now I'm putting the
dates back down the side again.
More ric rac. A gingerbread man with a flower sequin
necklet! And the layers behind the photo have been ripped
then stapled. I wanted this page to look more 'loose'
and 'easy'.
I'm quite enjoying popping my journaling ONTO the photo.
Especially those that don't matter what you can actually see!
BTW - it's tomato & bacon on toast!!!
The red stars are YEARS old. So good to bust that stash:)
Thanks so much for all your LOVELY comments
& of course,
We'd love you to share all your process and December Daily journey with us
We'd love to see them!
Cheers for now & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. It is so beautiful! I never did a december Daily, maybe next year!!!

  2. Fantastic creating, I hope your finger is not too sore, it sure looks sore... ouchey.. but the pages look great!

  3. Vibrant & zingy pages even with a sore ouchy finger. Great tip about outlining title letters, will be trying that! And I'm loving the whole look of this notebook style & may just have to give that a go too.

  4. OOoh your finger!! Great idea to do a flap page for it - thoughtful.
    I don't even know how you are scrapping with it!!! Brave girl- soldier on!!
    Oh gawd LOL (very loud) at your non-B&W photos...hahahha... I forgot then struggled with the idea from day 1!!! And weeell, that was that!

  5. :( to your finger! :( I loveeeeeeee all your pages!! They are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gorgeous pages, Lizzy. Love the thankful for blue page and your flap page with your ouch-y finger. I hope it's feeling a little better by now. AND your yummy breakfast too....lucky you.

  7. Oh my that finger looks so painful Lizzy .. hope it's lots better by now. Your DD is looking absolutely fabulous .. don't know how you're getting it done with that finger though. You are so brave!!! Absolutely loving this!!!


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