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Monday, 12 December 2016

Lizzy's Days 7- 9

DAYS 7 and 8.
Still been mighty busy here!
For day 7, I used a photo of our Writers Group Luncheon.
I know that sounds fancy. We USED to meet and write.
But now we just meet and talk!
This page sits besides day 6. I like the balance
when one day has smaller, lots of photos, then the other side
has a single one like here.
Notice the sequin 'ropes'. Thought this was a good
way to use them as decoration!
I've used a tag to decorate behind the photo.
Here's my journaling and top of the tag.
The word embellies come from that Christmas stash.
The star below covers the back of 2 staples from the next page:
I made them myself. Simply added a good dose of PVA glue to white cardstock, then sprinkled with assorted glitter.
Leave to dry, then cover with more glue so it all stays put.
Cut with your die cut machine into any shapes you choose:)
The yellow 'enamel dots' are Ranger 'Enamel Accents'
in a little bottle that you squeeze out. I love them
cos you can make them any size you want!
Day 8:
I forgot to take a photo of 'us' today.
Ooops! Was obv having way too much fun!
However, I DID take ONE photo which has had
to become a 'representation' of my day!
Once again I've used my LITTLE MOMENTS app
on my IPhone to add the words to the photo:
I had already made some little sequin shaker packets.
FINALLY got to use one here.
I made them too big for my page/photos
OOOPS! So I tucked the top under the photo.
Also had to cut the Right side off, then re-seal with the gold washi tape!
Then, for added security, I stapled it in place, as you can see below, on the top Left:
I used my FUSE TOOL to make these packets. HOW TO:
1: I found some old 'DIY' alphas, with sticky BOTH sides of them,
This isn't necessary, it's just I wanted to use these up!
2: Not convinced they were still sticky enough, I used the BOSTIK
glue below to stick them to my plastic pocket.
The 'e' had been coloured but not used previously. That was
fine. It made it individual!
3: Next, I gathered all the packets I'd prepared and fused them
at the same time, using my hand made cardboard
board with lines on it so I can fuse in a straight line!
Hold the plastic in place with washi tape:
4: Fill with sequins, then seal the last side with
 your fuse tool.
You can also use stitching [hand or machine]
or even washi tape to seal your pockets, if you don't have
a fuse tool:
 The plastic is from old but good quality plastic sleeves. Worked a treat!
How observant are you?
Did you notice the 'v' in love is the same letter as the 'u' in laugh?
And the 'h' is NOT an 'h'.
This is a GREAT way to use up those alphas! Be inventive!
Maybe you'd like to try shaker pockets in your DD? Of course, once I started I couldn't stop... but that's for a future post!

Meanwhile Day 9:
This was a Grand Boy Lucas day. We did LOTS.
So I made a collage up.
My journaling is on a flip, behind the collage, with the little edge
of red on the left hand side the hinge.
It's tucked under the photo
and then wraps around the blue pp behind the collage, attaching to the base of the page. The kraft colour is on the other side of the red cardstock:
Getting back to my collage, to create the borders around the individual photos and the outside edge, I used my fave marker. Which works on most-all surfaces
Some close-ups. Below you can see that hinge. The red pictures on the collage are done with the Little Moments App:
The tab below is for opening the folder up, and I've added a silver heart created from a Lindt chocolate box and the paper clip was from a scrappy mate:
At the bottom of the page I've added some ribbon I was given last year, plus there is a little deer behind the photo. But its legs were showing which looked odd. So I attached some stars:
Inside. More feet photos! How else to half open a flip, I ask? That was rhetorical. You don't need to answer;)
Now you can see the deer in all his splendour. Since this was about Christmas decorating of our house, I figured I could be a bit more Christmassy in the embellies:
I think I've 'chewed your ear' for long enough in this post!
Thanks for taking a peek.
 And remember,
We'd love you to share all your process and December Daily journey with us
Cheers for now & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. So much to love!! like.... the sparkly star, and the red type on the black and white photos, and the way you've created your shaker pockets with thickers too.. they look amazing! Great flap page too! So many fabby techniques and ideas here!

  2. Oh wow. That's a stunner of an album. Inspirational.

  3. I love your little shakers with the letters, Lizzy......they're fabulous. Lovin' all of your pages here......so much to look at.

  4. So much gorgeousness (is that a word???) happening here. Love your little shaker packets and those flip pages are just fabulous. Next time I make a mini album I'm definitely putting a couple of those in. I just love how you add so much detail to your pages without making them look over busy .. like I said before about your work .. 'Brilliant'. Totally in love with your DD. hugs xx

  5. Fabulous post, enjoyed reading all about your process and I love those shaker pockets - do you think it's too late to add a fuse tool to my Christmas wish list? Totally inspired and will be practising some of your ideas in the New Year when everything calms down a bit.

  6. These pages look great, so many details, love all the info, great photos, good memories to look back on!


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