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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Deb's 5th to the 9th...........

Well how is everyone going with their December Dailys?   We would love to see them. You can link them HERE.  

So far I am managing to keep up to date and enjoying it all very much.  Sharing with you today my 

DAY 5 and my mailbox was filled with Christmas catalogues ..........so after browsing through them, a couple were put to good use.

For the background I painted on 3 colours and misted with water.

And then laid some plastic wrap on top and moved it around to get some creases,  also to move the paint a little too. Not sure that my choice of colours was the best  as the orange became a little "dirty" looking when it met with the blues and greens but in the end a lot of it was covered up anyways.

After it had dried I added some stencilling of white circles which I later stamped around using different sized lids dipped in black ink. 

DAY 6 - a play with some stamps and water colour pencils.  A collage photo of flowers in my garden and anchored the photo with washi tape.

DAY 7 -  I joined what was to be an "in-betweener" 
and a day in December together divided by a cut down page.

So it was done over 4 pages adding mesh tape from the hardware store (no idea what it's real use is for but I love it) to the first and fourth page,  then gesso-ed over the whole 4 pages.

Added some aqua paint to pages 1 and 4 , some stamping, some splatters and then cut the middle page down to act as a divider between the 2.   You can see some of the paint has gone onto the divider ( as a bit of an after thought, I closed the pages together to get some of the paint/mesh pattern onto the page that was going to be cut down but the paint had started drying a little so didn't really get the effect that I wanted).  Used up some old alpha negatives over some patterned paper to create  the word keepsake on both sides of the divider. 

DAY 8 - Painted  a "negative strip"  for my series of photos then came the journalling and finally painted over it with red and green mists.

Then on to DAY 9...........

I used some texture paste on Santa's beard and hat trim and then painted over it with white when it had dried.  Added masking tape to the red painted area and rubbed some ink over it with my finger to pick up the grain in the tape but wasn't happy with the result so went over it with crystal kindy glitz and added some sequins.  It is much sparklier irl than it shows in the photo.  

I hope everyone is having fun on their December Daily journey.


  1. Fabulous & soooo creative! Love that you used the Catalogues..... & the flowers! What a brill way of remembering what is happening in December:):)

  2. Absolutely wonderful Deb! Love your step with the painting and your flowers.... looking gorgeous by the way...
    May fave would be your kitty page... priceless and that wavy journaling is perfect for it too!

  3. Wow your pages are so cool! Love the day of catalogs (didn't even think about that one :) Beautiful flowers and I have to agree the kitty page is so cute! Love seeing the mix media in your Art Journal.

    Ladies I'm really enjoying seeing this series and the different takes that each are doing just shows what anyone can do no matter what they like in the crafting area :)

  4. I love these pages so full of life !

  5. These are just gorgeous Deb.

  6. Julie enter the one with the cat on Archiscraps where the theme is Animals. You could win!! Love it by the way.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous pages. Am totally in love with your catalogue tree, so inventive. And even though I know your seasons are opposite to mine it's still a shock to see Summer flowers in a Christmas album - love it. And then the cat page - you are one talented lady!


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