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Monday, 1 December 2014

Mandy's December 1st! (December Daily and Companion Lists Book)


December 1st
The day we've been waiting for to start filling in our December albums!

Before starting into the daily scrapping, my book still needed some serious work for
 'guttering' in the spine. One side is the inside cover, and the other is the first page of the book.

This is 10cm wide tape

Then glued that first page to the cover side by flipping the page over 
and now it reveals two blank pages and using some stripey 10cm washi tape
 to do another strip along the spine to strengthen it more

Next is what I've been thinking to do and hoping it will turn out okay!
 Creating a little window to see through....
love this Bobunny see- through film strip

Three frames is wide enough for the book...
and measured the size

Cut out to reveal the title of the book underneath:

The title page revealed.
I've painted out the cataloging print guff etc to make a frame for a photo.

 Now stuck in place and lifted to see the underneath....

Now with that done, its time to start the pages!
Firstly, like a book there are plate pages, and forewords etc...
I've still followed it, trying to be sympathetic to the whole 'book' ideal...
On the left hand side on now what is the inside cover, I've written a little spiel about picking blue cloth covered vintage books and working by two books together (Dec Daily and the 30days of lists)
Then on the right is the window page with a sneak peek at the title.....

The title page: gessoed and painted,   the reverse side of the window on the left hand side and luckily the title fell in line with Paige's very last Christmas concert with her much loved singing teacher of 11 years... they sung carols so this was perfect to personalise the title.....

Next is the 'Foreword' 
I wouldnt have kept this, however I could not believe the words!!! 
 Other than blotting out a couple of words, it was a perfect introduction for readers to see!
Priceless!   This tag was made a couple of weeks ago for a blog event, and it was perfect here. 

Now... ready to begin the daily pages!! 
At last!

December 1st:
Products (except angel) are Teresa Collins Tinsel and Co.  which can be found at Scrap Therapy
How cute is that little felt candle!!


And a catch up on this too!

 (I 'think' I'll do the full 31 days??)

Did put some effort into the inside cover....
 but it truly didnt need it.
(I was scrapping with friends, talking too much, and kept adding and adding!!
could have paid more attention and stopped to keep it simple!)

December 1st
Filled out.... its started!!  I've used some Becky Higgins PL Holiday cards
in this book to back some of the tags

Now off and running!

Now make sure you share your December Daily's (very big smile)


  1. Mandy, this is all just totally devine. Loving your little window to your title and the inside cover of your companion book looks fabby.

  2. WOW! You're rocking this! And you're so busy too, can't believe how much is on your list.

  3. Wow wow wow!! These pages are all amazing!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous! So creative and absolutely beautiful! I LOVE that window cut out with the filmstrip. So cool to see the book title underneath. And absolutely beautiful detailing everywhere! Fabulous job, Mandy!

  5. Oh, boy! This is gonna keep you too busy to do much else in December, LOL!! LOOOOVE the window & even more that the words were so perfect & didn't need altering much in the forward:):)

  6. OMgosh this is just to cute! I love what your doing with this book and so fun to see the variety in it :) I like that torn page look ( hope it's okay to lift this idea CASE it )


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