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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mandy's Dec Daily and 30days of Lists - Days 2-4


Day 2
I managed to get some very wide washi tape (green stripe and red dot) from a little shop called 'Little Paper Lane' it's in Sydney,  and I 'think' at the moment it may be sold out, but ask if she could get more in if you want it because it's super awesome (has heaps of narrower washi too!!)   It's especially good for my book where there is a little bit of 'guttering' down the centre.

The alphbet is a Kaisercraft 12x12 called 'Timeless Collection - Script'
It's big and bold and fabulous!
So cut out the letters needed and placed the two words over the two pages.

Day 3

This tape isnt washi, more a plastic packing tape - it can be found at Ribbons Galore
It's a stronger tape which is needed for a huge 'gutter' down the middle.
It really does a wonderful job at holding things together for future use! 
  The pages are painted to take away some of the 'busy-ness' 

Day 4
The tape has been run across the page here as there was a tiny tear at both the top and bottom of the page where its bound.  Instant fix!  



I got to say the experiment is working!!  I LOVE my little list book...
It's so easy and quick to list down the page what events took place each day and to add a small token pic or embellish to match something in the listing.
The ONLY trap is (and I nearly fell in it!!!!) not to start printing out photos for the lists book and then go repeat it in the Dec Daily ----- oooh I came close and had to remind myself that this is not the purpose of the list book!

It truly would be the answer to very busy people who do not have the time and/or inclination to do a full Dec Daily.  And its so great having a document how my days pan out for future family to read.  I wish I had a book like this from my mother, or grandmother - sigh.    I 'think' it will be an ongoing concern for next year in some sort of format.  My two books truly are working hand in hand.

30 Lists Day 2

 30 Lists Day 3
This day, I made 8 little snow hats for the ballet 'Nutcracker'  so I've added in a sample of the fabric used, a pic of one of the hats being sewn, and a quick sketch of a hat too.

30 Lists - Day 4
Another baby bird to care for, so added some feathers as a feature.

We would love to see how your December Daily pages are coming along.  
You can share them with us HERE.


  1. Love love love these!! So gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Wow missy.these are just gorgeous.

  3. ....OK. So straight away I picked up on the 'another baby bird to care for'??????????????? Hoping you fill out that one a bit more on your blog! LOOOOVE this list book now I'm sort of understanding what you're doing......seems a really neat alternative & my favest of pages is that one with the green tape up top. Looks fab. And how come you know shops in Sydney that I don't? Hmppfff! Off to check Little Paper Lane out.....!!!!

  4. OMgosh I just love you DD Wow what a fun way to use and old book and loving the use of the washi for the gutters to strengthen them. The wide tape is just fun and wonderful touch. Love the page of the green tape with the top and bottom borders will have to keep that idea in mind for one of my pages

  5. Love what you are doing here, Mandy. Sure am loving that little book of lists and that wide washi/tape is fabulous.

  6. Wow these are looking good..

  7. So inspired by Mandy's beautiful work! Wow, these are just amazing!


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