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Friday, 25 November 2016

Deb's Page Preparations.

Firstly I'm going to take the opportunity to share with you a couple of the gorgeous pages in the book........Some are black and white which gives me endless ideas.....hmmmm will I colour these???

 And this one is one of my favourites (well I love them all really)...........

and also SOMEONE (not me) must have done a little bit of scribbling on the pages as well but that is going to stay........

Anyways, after removing the staples from my book I realized the pages were in three signatures (and this is how I intended to leave them, popping in the new pages here and there)

BUT after some thought I decided to separate them........unfortunately they are way more fragile than I had first thought.  So I decided the binding edge of the page would have to be strengthened.  Something I hadn't planned on.  I cut some bindings (as small as I could manage) from the vanilla cardstock and INKED them.......yes you read that right.........I've already pulled out the inks and that wasn't in Plan A lol.  (It is just a soft colour though - sand beige).

and I've attached a binding to each of the book pages and punched the holes.  The edges feel much stronger now and I don't think I've taken away too much from the page itself.  

I still need to cut out the pages I will be adding from the vanilla cardstock and probably INK the edges of these as well now (so much for keeping things "clean").   I don't really want to go too far with this (just cut a few) because my plans could very well change again.

How is everyone going with their December Daily preparations?.........I hope you are all having as much fun as we are.  

We'd love you to share all your process and December Dailys with us
We'd love to see them!


  1. What a great idea for making these pages stronger... & ink? I see no ink, giggles!!! Love your little book already:)

  2. LOL about Plan A! There's always a B,C, D !!! Deb these pages are absolutely lovely! hahahah.. who did do the scribbling????? I think its great to leave it - its part of the books 'history' too. This little book is going to be just gorgeous when its finished!

  3. Love what you are doing here Deb. Your pages are coming together nicely, even if not exactly how you planned originally. Adore your little golden book.


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