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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Mandy's Page Preparations


 Its time to prepare my pages, and have to say, this came together quite easily.
I've been asked why I go to the trouble, but I really enjoy making my own. 
And this year is an added treat for me, something I've always wanted to dooooo....
 will reveal just a little bit further down!
 (So excited!)
Now, back to the pages!  
It's just straight stitching with these, yes, its fabric but by all means... 
the pages still can be constructed by using strong glue and paper.
I'm trying to stay with a black base and a strong pop of colour! 
Really, really  need to add more blue and yellow yet 😊 and will!

 So its starts by measuring, cutting my Basic Grey (mostly Jovial) paper to the size of my covers (its not a standard size - its a 'I like the look of this size' and cut it so) 
 Using the good ole Crop-A-Dile, placed some eyelets too

Okay... we need to do a little detour...... (did I say I was excited!)
 The fabric is Basic Grey 'Jovial' and it appealed because of its lovely bright colours with a black base in some of its patterns and this is something I've been wanting to do for a very very long time... 
 Make a quilt!!!!
And keeping in mind that I'm a complete beginner at this, I made the easiest choice possible.....
with a Basic Grey 'Jovial' jelly roll!  Isnt it gorgeous!

 Look at it's lovely patterns and colours!

 And sewn up!  YAY!!!!  (omg!! in love, in love!)

 So its left me with some wonderful bits of fabric to go on my December Daily
and the inspiration for my page edging and the 'Jovial' paper to go in my December Daily
Oh gosh... imagine that ... I'll have a matching quilt and December Daily!!
 But great to do something wonderful with the scraps!

OKAY... back to the pages!! (again) LOL

Firstly, to make the pages stronger, I decided to 'back and front' them.  The stripey pattern will be on the inside.  This paper is Basic Grey's Oxford 'Letterman' it was a great 'light black' (is that a good explanation???)  for my 'hopefully' black and white photos later on!

 and then the blacks are on both sides of the pages

Time for the edgings... (those snowflake strips I actually took out of my quilt pieces cos I didnt like them and replaced them with black. They seemed too stark next to the rest of the patterns!  But I think they 'might' be okay in my Dec Daily... we'll see :)

So pick a piece of fabric, and iron over some of the edges of the fabric - the selvages were fine
and glue the paper and fabric edge together so they stay put while sewing....

And through the sewing machine a few of the pages go!

Even did a transparency (will definitely be doing more of these!)
This is an old Hambly Screen transparency that every now and then you could be lucky to pick up!

Even, cut out the 'Jovial' paper doily to form a page

Here's the covers and pages spread apart.

Just got to make some more pages with blue and yellow edging and some more transparency ones and it will be all ready to go!

Not long now until the 1st of December!
The Christmas decorations will come out, and my past December Dailys will soon grace the coffee table again.   I love how each one is so different and how each one becomes such a laugh and chat with friends and family.   So happy another one will be making its way among the mix!
 If you want another peek at my December Daily stash...
here's the POST
Or how the COVER was constructed.

In the meantime, we'd love you to share all your process and December Dailys with us
We'd love to see them!


  1. This looks totally AMAZING, Mandy. The colours are "WOW". Love what you have done with your pages....... AND just look at your little quilt.......how adorable.

  2. Having a bit of a fabric envy going on here! Love that combo of paper and fabric, looks really special. And your colours are so bold and vibrant, looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  3. Wow that looks amazing, am looking forward to seeing it all come together and the pages get filled!

  4. Giggles....love how you got distracted by the YUMMY quilt making!! Love the colours you've got going here.... the brights against the black is pretty jolly stunning:):)

  5. Looks fabulous Mandy .. Love the bright colours and such a fantastic idea to combine your paper with fabric .. brilliant!!


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