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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bec's Days 13-18

Ooooooo! I'm all giddy with excitement!! Christmas is in 3 sleeps!!! Woohoo!!!
I am like a child at Christmas. I LOVE Christmas and the family unity it brings.

These pages are pretty empty in regards to photos but I've quite happily replaced the non existent photos with filler cards to show the Christmas spirit. On the right I have included a card, listing my favourite Christmas Songs. The songs that really make it feel like Christmas when I hear them. 
On the left, 13th & 14th, the antics of our Elf, Tinsel, over 2 days as I had no photos of anything we had done.
On the right side, 15th & 16th, a photo of some new shoes for my son, a gift of chocolate I received and some scrappy orders that arrived!!!
Not everything is Christmas related, but our life in December and the daily things that we do in the Christmas Season. 

 On the left is the 17th and you can see that I haven't done the card yet. 

It is going to be a scan code linking to a video of my daughter watching a message to her from Santa.
You basically upload your video to YouTube (you can set it to private so no one can see it, generate a code pattern for that video, print it out and place in your album. So when you scan the code that you printed out, the video will play. You can purchase the free QR Code app for IPhone and scan the printed image using that.

Here is where you can find out more about scan codes. https://scan.me/how-it-works 
Once I have done it, I will post a photo to show you how it goes. 

On the 18th is a cute little tissue box I found at the shops and bought it home for my daughter. It's adorable.
On the left, I even documented the sadness during this time. I finished up at my job of 7 years and am very sad about it. 

On the right is still the 18th and my very cute little elf!
I placed it in a full 5x7 pocket to keep it in main focus.

I hope you are all as excited as me with Christmas not far away!!! Or maybe I just haven't grown up!! ;)
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  1. Ooooooo! Bec this is wonderful. Love that little tissue box ...... very cute.

  2. gosh Bec... I cant believe you can upload a video from you Dec Daily!! How cool is that!! Dec Daily goes high tech!!!

    Love it all!!

  3. Awesome bec. Love the idea of the video.


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