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Monday, 9 December 2013

Mandy's Dec 4th

Today is about creating a scene, and being resourceful (weeeell, trying to be!)
Dec 4th - it hailed....and even though the hail stones were little, there were a LOT of them...
(the funny thing was - on my last post post here , I mentioned that I didnt know what the subject of the next page would be, but 'something' would appear - LOL, never guessed it would be hail!)

Its the closest (here in Australia) to having a 'white' Christmas!  Squealing with delight with an idea, grabbed my little bottlebrush tiny Christmas trees, ran outside (in the hail) and planted them in the whiteness and took photos!  Must have been a silly sight!   'Only a scrapper' would do such a thing cowering over the little scene taking pics of mirco hail stones and little trees!  
Thank goodness it was in our back garden!

Look at what you might have around you to set a 'scene' especially if you arent sure of what photo or subject to do for a page/day.  I know I was extremely lucky and grateful for it.
It could be a Nativity scene, or if you can get your hands on holly, or mistletoe, and a little bird,

Dec 3 & 4
Having a full photo (6x4) so show the detail more meant I could do a plastic sleeve.. only thing was - I didnt have any that size....  had to get resourceful!

 Had plenty this size (12x12)

 So cut it down!  WORKS a treat!  
Dont worry on wastage, the left over will come in handy for any more smaller sized sleeves or see-through pockets - and the sewing machine (big smile).  At least this time I didnt need any sewing machine!

 I did have to repunch the holes, and in the scheme of things, no one is going to notice these extra holes when looking at the completed album (hopefully) they will disappear into the background!

Decorating the photo page....  Little sequin stars are placed on top of each tree

 The word 'believe' is really appropriate to place there.... all we have to do is imagine and believe the little scene!

Have a think about how you can be resourceful for those days without photo or subject... 
We would LOVE to hear your ideas!

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  1. That is such a VERY clever little scene, Mandy.......love it.

  2. Wow Mandy. Love what you have done.

  3. I am so loving how your album is coming together, thank you for some great inspiration!

  4. Love love love love these pages!! Gorgeous!!!!!

  5. Well, what a clever idea, cutting down the PL pages...& that window is SUPERB. Not so sure about the HAIL....great idea Mandy - thanks for sharing:):)

  6. Haha! Yes only a scrapper would do that AND look what you got!!! A gorgeous little scene. Too cute!!
    Great idea about the PL page getting cut down too.


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