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Monday, 23 December 2013

Mandy's Dec Daily 18th - 21st

Christmas is soooo close now!
How exciting!

And in true form in December...  we took a few days away to spend with family and friends....  a very BUSY few days.... great fodder for the December Daily!

Day 18
 Somehow the 'blue' stayed from the previous page.. must be stuck in my mind!  I loved this paper (thought more fitting for animal subject) but was rather busy... soooooo with some cream coloured paint gave it a lift, and also busy-ed-it -down so the photos and words didnt get lost in the patterned paper....

The effect of the pom-poms when the book is closed....

Day 19
Back to play with transparencies.  I love the old Fancy Pants ones as they are wonderfully festive and good sturdy quality for a page.  When you plan to use a transparency, it kinda affects 4 pages, the one before it ...both sides of the transparency, and the one after it.   I try to consider them all.  Its a challenge and something I really love to figure out and hopefully smile when its done!
So I'll try explain in pics....
this one is the the first side of the transparency with nothing behind it...(afterall..behind it hasnt been created yet lol)

Here it is again with one of the 'doors' (as its coming up to the end of another week) behind it - with nothing yet created on the door.... (thats day 21)
The stuck on sequins and the gold lace under the photo only need be on one side, as its seen through the other side quite clearly (big smile).  The baubles are great to decorate.
 And  when placing photos on this side... it has to be matched for the other side.....

Day 20
The great thing is that the transparency baubles show through the other side and although a little more muted still can be decorated and in the case of the date - put a circular '20' sticker in its place to back the previous page.  You can see the sequin stars and the gold lace clearly from the other side.

Placed in the album.. it fronts onto the beach page.... which now takes on a more 'Christmassy' affect 
Gotta love that!   You can see now the plainer- scrapped transparency pages seem to be more complex once placed into the album when the other page shows through....

Day 21
We've reached the end of another week and scrapped on one of the 'doors' in the album..
This page was also planned with the previous transparency page in mind.......

 And just to flip back to the transperancy page before......
  you can see through to Paige and Hannah, the bauble covers the '21' date so not to take over from the '19th' page....  the word 'joy' is seen and leaves an essence for both pages...
And again, the more plainly scrapped page is now looking more complex

 The date underneath the red bauble...

Wow.... I think my next post will probably be after Christmas now...
when things calm down from the festivities.
I'm really looking forward to scrapping that!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I loveeeeeeee the ornaments!!!!!!

  2. WOW! Mandy, I just love what you are doing with these transparencies. The little pom poms look fabulous too. All soooooo gorgeous and very clever.

  3. Ok, Love the baubles, adore the pompoms but most of all ABSOLUTELY OVER THE TOP fave is the way you've done those transparency pages. MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just stunning love the transparency look.


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