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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mandy's Dec 11-17th

If you managed to read my December Daily Journey, you might remember me saying 'I learn something new about myself every time I sit to create in a Dec Daily'
Weeeeell, I've come to another conclusion to add to the list
(which still may be renigged later on! LOL)
And that is.... I cant stick to a colour scheme! (frown)
With this Dec Daily, I started out with white, red with a touch of black and maybe gold...but as the album has progressed - thats gone completely out the window!  By the end of Day 17 here, even with some new decisions made on Day 17 (you'll see what I mean soon!), I'm highly doubting my ability to stick to any plans... this, I've also learnt.
One thing is for sure, I really wanted to use peek-a-boos, transparencies anything that could remotely be seen from one page to the next (very big smile) has worked a treat.

Day 11
Here I made a shaker page, quite a large one! 
Suddenly by the 11th, December started to feel 'real'.  The long little photo in the middle is sewn down, and divides the shaker page in half which stops the sequin bits falling to one small area.  When doing something like a shaker page with a photo for instance, a matching sized one on the other side (or could be a journaling block etc) needs to be planned at the same time.  

 Day 12
Flipping the page over, here's the corresponding sized photo, and through the shaker page, you can see the previous page... me and my scrappy friend Chris peeping through and a couple of little owls down the bottom and this time they look like they are giggling. ... why?... because last year in my new house move.. I couldnt find my 2009 December Daily,  and this year, I found it, but not the others!!!!  (good grief - just hoping to find an extra Christmas box 'somewhere'!)

Day 13
Made it to one of the doors! Signaling the end of the second week,
also has properties that have been planned with the shaker page.  When you saw that shaker page previously, it had been photographed with nothing behind it....

Now you can see Paige, and also the little Chrismas trees down the bottom, what you dont see is........ (scroll down)

................the little car with the tree on top... so that does remain somewhat of a surprise until the see-through shaker page is flipped over!  The little car is Glitz Design,(mounted on foam tape) and I've placed another paper pieced tree on top for a more layered effect and added a bit of detail along the bottom of the car.  Car '13'  is for day 13.

 LOL.... we are not finished with the 'see-through' effect with this page yet!! 
There's more!   Its got to do with where Paige's face is placed towards the top of the door.  Scroll down again..........

  Remember the previous door on Day 7 with the Christmas tree transparency....
Weeeeeell, here's Paige's face now showing through the window which is lovely as the pic below is of her dancing.

Day 14
Finally up went the tree!  Luck had it on this side of the door, is the same colour of the wood panelling we have in our house.  I've used quite a few transparencies here... Fancy Pants St Nicks, and Heidi Swapp.  Because the page (door) is so long and narrow, and I wanted the Christmas tree to be shown in full - it was hard to get the pic including Hannah as it made it wider.  So the photo insert of Hannah shows part of the tree which fits into the the bigger picture quite nicely. It's also great now to scrap the entire length of the door as before this, there were windows to consider and shorter pages.

 The insert is placed on foam tape so it's lifted a little and highlighted a bit more by the underscoring of gold lace.

Day 15
Again swayed by the thought of transparency... it was time to experiment with vellum...
So started out with this Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Vellum... cut it down to the 'door' size and edged both sides with washi tape to support it and make stronger.

This is the flip side of the 'gold', and because it's Paige's Birthday Beach Party and not so Christmas-sy, it worked well to be more muted.  
 When working with vellum, the other side has to be planned at the same time, so placement of photos and any alpha etc needs to coincide and match.

Day 16
The 'gold' side.... and all lined up to match Day 15
Catherine and I have been friends for decades.... and in true form laugh a lot...
mostly I think we are naughty but all in good fun!
Can you see the Christmas tree and the big star from Day 14 through the vellum?

Day 17
Here's where the wheels fall off the wagon....
Before I came to the conclusion that I cant seem to stick to a colour scheme, I had been discussing with Bec, Julie and Deb about what I'd like to create with next year regarding Dec Daily's, and I thought BLUE!  I've never really scrapped anything Blue for Christmas before... AND I'd like to scrap with a vintage book..., so making my mind up on that and with a little spare time up my sleeve.. I searched online for any ideas in second hand bookshops, - (giving a little plug here) came across
The Brotherhood of St Laurence  (Australia)  typed in 'Christmas' and found three delightful books all about $6-$10 each, AND if you order three... postage is free!  So what the heck - ordered them!
That was Monday afternoon... by Tuesday morning 8.30am - they arrived!!!! Talk about prompt!
Not only that, there was a lovely gift of a lycra stretchy book cover (to fit any sized book) which Hannah loves!  HOW COOL is that!  
Three books to choose next year's December Daily - but not before I read them! (and they look great on the shelf anyway if this plan doesnt come to fruition!)  

So what happens... I scrap this...  no prior thought and a mind of its own....
YES, it turned out blue!
Adding in the pom poms gives a great dimension ......


Do I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally think I can stick to a BLUE colour scheme next year after this page in my 'white/red with a bit of black' intentions this year?
                                      I doubt it.........
                                         ........but at least the cover will be blue!

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  1. Gorgeous pages!! LOVING those sequins!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful pages, and now I really feel that I am way behind my projects!

  3. Oooooooooooo! Mandy, this is looking soooooooooooo fabulous. I love all those little peek-a-boo's through the transparencies. Well thought out and looking ever so good AND the mix of colours adds so much interest to the album. Already, I can't wait 'til you start your BLUE Dec Daily next year.

  4. Love, love, love Mandy's December Daily album! The whole effect with the peek-through elements is sooooo fabulous, and every detail is just brilliant! SO adore the pocket page with the sequins. The tip for stitching the photo through the center to keep them in place is awesome. So gonna try it!

  5. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love every single page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Simply stunnning Mandy just love all the sneak peeks that you have happening.

  7. Simply stunnning Mandy just love all the sneak peeks that you have happening.


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