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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mandy's Days 22 and 23


 I hope everyone is recovering well from Christmas as we are heading into our NEW YEAR!
Wow 2014!!  It seems surreal how 2013 flew past!

Here are a couple more pages for my December Daily.... getting closer to the finish line!

Day 22 and 23
Day 22 is a rather plain page, but there is a reason for the two white pockts....as Day 23 is a transparency.......

 First we'll look at Day 22
It was a really big day for us - and early Christmas Lunch with dh's side of the family as we all had other sides of families for Christmas Day, and in the evening - a bbq with friends.   There were a number of photos I wanted to add to both events. 
 (lol, the pic above with all the Santa's was  so random...on our way to the bbq, a group walked past  so grabbed the camera...I dont know who they are or where they were going...but made a great pic!)

 To hold the photos....two pockets... tested to place strategically......

Now secured into place with washi tape tabs

The extra washi on the doily is also to strengthen the parts where the photos will be constantly pulled in and out over time as its fragile paper....the photos corners wont have so much of a damaging effect.

 It's an easy way to store a few photos

 Day 23
The Transparency....
Oh GOSH, I love them!  But they do require some thinking out.... and (lol) I do hold my breath in hoping they do!  It worked a treat.  Here I printed the photos straight onto acetate....the slight book  print seen through behind is the back cover - thats yet to be scrapped upon :)   Using a bit of washi tape in the middle of the photos both back and front, I've been able to write on it without it being seen through the other side..  The washi tape around the border isnt on the acetate.. will explain below....
So happy with how it turned out.
It wouldnt be right not to include Miss Maggie Mae, and Blackie in a page!

Quite a while ago I bought a box of printable acetate (for an inkjet printer - laser printers use a different kind) from an office shop.  There is a textured side that the images are printed on, and a shiny side,  the shiny side is up in the pic above - and the photo is actually reversed.

To print, I copied and pasted the photos onto a word document and placed them in the formation wanted...... printed on white copy paper... cut of a piece of acetate and stickytaped it across the top and re-fed it through the printer.... worked a treat!

Because I'm not to sure about how well the printed side will go rubbing against embellishments in future pages so am putting a extra page of vellum (used baking paper!) behind.  It also will help keep the images clearly seen from what may end up behind.

 edged in washi tape....

 Aaaaand, getting back to those strategically placed pockets on Day 22 - they were purposely choosen white to help see the images when the transparency is flipped over.... because just against the blue door underneath, the images disappeared.

And just to add on a little something further... (this was an after thought but oooh it works!!)
I just needed to do something to add to that vellum backing page - it was driving me crazy to see it blank!   - some words that would be placed in such a way that it would enhance the transparency....
Add some words....

And now with the transparency - it sees through the photo images perfectly!


  1. OOoooooooooo! Mandy this is just delightful. I love everything you have done with your Dec Daily album...........totally gorgeous.

  2. This is totally amazingly STUNNING...you clever, clever cookie & most of all those words. PERFECTO!!!!!

  3. Wow Mandy these are all just gorgeous. Love the pockets.


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